A revolutionary Virtual Hospital service at your doorstep

Comprehensive healthcare services at home

'Knock-a-Doc’ is an intelligent state-of-the-art Application, intended to provide health care services to people through Internet and field delivery. It enables patients to log in and state their ailment and receive health care from the comfort of home. The prime objective of the application is to ensure a high-quality and affordable patient care services at the doorstep by just a click on the smartphone.

Some launch insights....

Excitement to the brim

Creating the splash...

Dainik Sambad 28 Feb 21

What we offered in Agartala

Ad outlining scope and steps to access

Our App is in on the news

On Dec 25, 2020, the news of the app launch is presented in front of the world.

Panel of Experienced Doctors 

We have a professional panel of highly qualified and experienced Doctors for personalised care to the patients. The Doctors are here to bring back the age old experience of House Physicians.  

Get medical assistance at home

We have handpicked trained and experienced Nursing Assistants who can carry out preliminary checks. The results gathered by them are used by the Doctor to generate prescription. These Nurses can also be made available for customised care for a patient at home.

Reliable Path Labs

We have partnered with renowned path labs in a given locality for all your pathological tests. We provide a trusted and reliable service at a discounted price that includes collecting samples from home, tested by certified pathologists and a detailed report is sent to the Patient and the Doctor assigned online.

Trusted Pharmacies

We have partnered with leading pharmacies in a given locality that work seamlessly with the entire process to deliver medicines prescribed at doorstep at a discounted price.

Customer Satisfaction

A delighted Customer is our only business objective. We strive to achieve this singular goal by ensuring a service with highest standard of quality assurance and at an affordable cost. We also evolve and adapt to continually brush up our service quality based on the learning experience which we gather as we go forward